Professional Activities


Professionalism is a fundamental aspect of teaching that encompasses a variety of activities, including self-assessment and professional development.  In A Framework for Learning to Teach, Danielson explains that “good teaching” is the product of continuous self-improvement, resulting, in part, from regularly engaging in self-reflection (1).  I am always looking for professional development opportunities that allow me to apply my existing skills and knowledge for things such as course development, to share my skills and knowledge with colleagues, and most importantly, to enhance my teaching skills and pedagogical knowledge.  This section of my portfolio illustrates what I have done and am doing to meet the responsibilities of the Professionalism domain of my teaching practice, which entail participating in professional communities, growing and developing as a professional educator, and displaying professionalism.

Section Contents

This portfolio section has two subsections:

  • Print and Online Publications:  Lists the work that I have done in science education as a content advisor, developer, and reviewer as well as my biomedical research publications in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals
  • Professional Development:  Documents my participation in professional scientific and education communities and attendance at conferences and workshops.

1.  Danielson, C. (2009).  A Framework for Learning to Teach.  Educational Leadership, 66(9).  Retrieved from:

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